Aluminum Trench Shields Provide Lightweight Solution

A golf course in the Nevada area was undergoing restoration, which would include work on an existing water line. The contractor would need to excavate around that line to repair and upgrade it, requiring an excavation of approximately 15-ft long, 14-ft wide and 10-ft deep.  The contractor’s Competent Person had reviewed the sandy soil mixture on site and classified it as a Type C-60 soil.

The contractor had smaller machinery devoted for this project and would need to provide a protective system solution that could work within the lifting requirements of the machinery. In addition, there was a pond in close proximity to the excavation site that would restrict access to one side of the excavation. After reviewing possible options for Job Story 002 (1)this project, the contractor elected to use aluminum trench shields. The shields were installed quickly and provide the necessary protection for workers to work on the water line, while working within the lifting capacities of the equipment on site. NTS carries a variety of aluminum shields to meet diverse project needs. Due to the depth on this project, the contractor was able to use a moderate strength aluminum panel shield.  NTS also carries a high strength shield, the Lite Guard, which can achieve depth ratings similar to that of a steel trench shield at about one third the weight as well as other lightweight options for shallower excavations.