Contractor Utilizes Vertical Shores and Trench Shields for Water/Sewer Replacement

A well-known contractor in South Las Vegas performed a water and sewer replacement. The job required the replacement of 12 to 18 inch water and sewer lines, demolition of old existing sewer, and decommission of old manholes. The excavation was comprised of right angled and linear open cut runs to a maximum depth of 12-ft with varying widths. The initial layer contained approximately 6-in of cement, before reaching a hard clay soil. The contractor’s Competent Person had classified most of the soil as Type B, however, had classified a small section as Type C-60.

The location of the project presented several challenges, including the close proximity
to adjacent structures and a very narrow workspace. The site’s location also presented the need to plan for and divert vehicle traffic. The contractor contacted NTS to discuss possible options for this project. After considering the options, the contractor elected to use hydraulic vertical shores. The hydraulic vertical shores could be easily installed and would provide proactive soil support to prevent a trench cave-in. The contractor would also be supplementing the vertical shores with trench shields in some areas. The contractor was extremely satisfied with the quick delivery of the equipment to the job site and the equipment’s performance.