Slide Rail Secures Culvert Installation

Recently a Denver contractor was task to build a vault around an existing 108–inch concrete pipe. The project would require an excavation cut of 24-ft in length, with a width of 24-ft, and a depth of 20-ft. The competent person on site classified the sandy and wet soil as Type C-60 and Type C-80.

The project presented several challenges that the contractor would need to address before the project could begin. The excavation cut proved to be the most pressing challenge as it would be located 6ft from a fully operational parking garage. The contractor would require a shoring device that could address the pressure loads originated by the parking garage while providing a large span work area around the 108-inch pipe. The underground protective system would need to perform in a wet environment as the contractor would need to dewater the excavation cut. Additionally, the contractor would need to secure the area with an adequate amount of traffic control that could secure the perimeter around the worksite while directing traffic efficiently.

The contractor reached out to NTS, and after reviewing the challenges the contractor selected the slide rail system for the project. The slide rail system is a unique flexible shoring system that works well with the installation of large diameter pipelines and large scale vaults due to its modular capabilities. The slide rail system is normally installed via dig and push method. The system can minimize site restoration costs and decrease the installation and removal time frame if properly installed. Once the vault has been installed and integrated to the 108-inch pipe it will help alleviate and reduce the flow of water moving through..