Plant Upgrade Project Utilizes System-80 hydraulic brace with Interlocking Steel Sheets

As a result of environmental regulations a major company in the Florida Gulf was require to install a new waste water outfall pipe to be in compliance. The project required boring a 72-inch pipe under an active highway which involved an excavation to a depth of 15-ft, a length of 32-ft, and width of 12- ft. The contractor’s Competent Person on site classified the soil as a silty-sand Type-C60 Soil. The contractor identified several concerns that a shoring system had to account for, such as the pressure loads exerted from an active highway and the limited work area that was presented.

The contractor contacted NTS for a shoring solution. After evaluating various shoring system options, the contractor selected System-80 hydraulic brace combined with interlocking steel sheeting. Interlocking steel sheeting and bracing is a versatile shoring solution that works well with projects that require large pits, and removes the need for weld-in-place beams. The Interlocking steel sheeting with hydraulic bracing provided the proper clearance that allowed the contractor to easily maneuver the boring machine in place without compromising the integrity of the existing infrastructure.

During the first stages of the excavation, the hydraulic brace is assembled in place to create a frame with each section secured with locking pins. The interlocking steel sheets are then driven around the hydraulic brace into place with a vibration hammer that is attached to the excavator. At a planned depth the hydraulic brace is connected to the interlocking steel sheeting with restraining chains. The hydraulic brace is then expanded to apply force to the interlocking steel sheets creating positive pressure. After the brace is expanded, and pressure applied, the excavator will continue to dig to the desired depth. Once the predetermined depth has been met, the contractor can begin the pipe installation by lowering the boring machine that will feed sections of the 72-inch waste water pipe. After the 72-Inch waste water pipe is installed it will allow the plant to stay in compliance with federal regulations, and safely discharge treated waste water vital for plant operations into the Gulf of Mexico. The contactor was pleased with the ease of the installation and the performance of the interlocking steel sheets and the System-80 hydraulic brace.