Slide Rail System Helps Contractor Complete Project Two Weeks Ahead of Schedule

New construction around mixed development areas has become a concern for local authorities, especially in areas where the existing utility infrastructure is nearing its capacity.  As a proactive measure, a city in West Texas was required to invest in the construction of a new lift station designed to integrate with the existing system that would alleviate and preserve the integrity of the existing storm lines, and also account for any additional stress from future development in the area. Lift stations are man-made structures designed to help move wastewater where elevation affects the flow of water. Lift stations are a cost-effective solution for municipalities, as they reduce the cost of installing gravity mains at greater depths. The contractor in charge of the project 4 was hired by the city to construct the new lift station and decommission an abandon aged failing lift station. Before the commencement of the project, the contractor’s Competent Person classified the rocky hard clay Soil as Type-B. The contractor began the excavation of a pit that measured 16-ft in length, 16-ft in width and a depth of 24-ft where the new lift would be installed.

The use of shoring devices for new lift station construction is a common approach used by contractors. The type of system may vary depending on site capabilities, method of construction, state and local requirements just to name a few.  For this project, the contractor needed a system with a minimal footprint, as the work area would remain tight due to existing structures adjacent to the excavation. The adjacent structures were composed of an abandon lift station south of the excavation, a set of power lines that were temporarily decommissioned and a live street that remained operational, both at a distance of 15-ft, facing west. Additionally, breaking through the hard soil conditions added another element of concern. The contractor was in need of a shoring system that could be installed in a limited space area, applicable in poor soil conditions, and provide the proper support against the pressure loads from the excavation walls.

After reviewing a few systems, the contractor ultimately selected a slide rail system for its modular design known for providing exceptional clearances under tight environments. Slide rail systems are composed of steel panels that are threaded through the interior grooves of the slide rail posts. Slide rail systems can be paired with a wide range of accessories designed to meet the demand of various project applications. The use of the slide rail system for this project, allowed the contractor to progressively complete the installation under hard soil conditions and secure the walls of the excavation. The system worked extremely well and allowed the contractor to finish the project 2-weeks ahead of schedule. Choosing the right system and having expert guidance through a project can pay big dividends that can result in labor and equipment cost reductions.