NTS Successfully Showcased a New Shoring Product at the 2020 CONEXPO Trade Show.

The 2020 CONEXPO/CON-AGG trade show was a great success with over 130,000 registrations reported. The trade show is held every three years in Las Vegas, Nevada, and is the largest construction event in North America with a large presence of international attendees. CONEXPO/ CON-AGG provides’ a platform for companies looking to exhibit new technology and the latest modern construction equipment. CONEXPO attendees are generally construction professionals, service providers, dealers, and vendors.

The NTS set up featured a massive 5 bay shoring structure standing 24-ft high composed of slide rail panels, corner posts, hydraulic bracing, and a combination of struts. NTS proudly showcased the newly patented 610 Tube, a round high-strength crossing strut that features a light-weight design for large span applications. NTS also presented the patented NTS Work Zone Safety System that features OSHA compliant handrails, a ladder access platform, and davit arm. The Telemetric Pin was also on display which is capable of delivering real-time loading and pressure data exerted on a shoring system.

Attendees had the opportunity to see an In-ground slide rail pit with a hydraulic panel puller. The slide rail system is a favorite among contractors due to its endless modular capabilities under poor soil conditions and tight spaces. The hydraulic panel puller, a popular cost-effective tool that helps to remove stubborn slide rail panels’, also garnered interest. NTS showcased a second In-ground trench composed of a high strength Lite GuardTM Aluminum Shield that provides depth rating similar to a trench shield at about half the weight. The in-ground pit also leveraged a vertical shore, designed as a light-weight shoring device that can be installed by a single worker for projects with linear and irregular size applications. NTS was honored to be a part of one of the largest construction trade show in the nation. We would like to thank those attendees who stopped by and spent a few minutes of their time with us