National Trench Safety announces Employee Equity Participation Program

Houston, Texas: National Trench Safety (NTS), a leader in trench safety solutions and a Tailwind Capital owned business, announced September 10th that it is implementing an Employee Equity Participation Program. In an industry first, NTS will award up to $8,000,000 of equity participation units to full-time and permanent employees annually. The Employee Equity Participation Program … Read more

Slide Rail System Used for Storm Drain Upgrades

A Denver contractor installed a new storm drainage system to improve water run-off control in the area. The project required a linear run of 108-ft, a width of 20-ft, and a depth of 24-ft. The Competent Person on-site classified the sandy soil as Type-C. The project site was located 12-ft from an existing road and … Read more

Site Specific Engineered Trench Shield Application Proves Effective for Contractor

Due to increased traffic congestion around a large airport, a Midwestern municipality had initiated a project to create a new toll road into the airport to ease traffic congestion. The project would require the contractor to update and/or relocate surrounding utilities and infrastructure lines. In the beginning phase of the project, the contractor would be … Read more