Channelizers & Barrels

Channelizers & Barrels - National Trench SafetyNTS Rents and sells a complete line of premium quality traffic channelizing devices which are designed for maximum visibility and durability. All NTS Barrels and Grabber Cones meet the crashworthy requirements of NCHRP-350.

NTS carries a large inventory of Traffic Control Barrels. All NTS barrels come with various options to help you pick the right product for your specific application.

Traffic Control Barrels are available in rugged and durable high density polyethylene or impact resistant re-shapeable low density polyethylene

All NTS barrels are certified to meet Federal crashworthy requirements of NCHRP-350

Traffic Barrell - National Trench SafetyAll NTS barrels have a minimum base width of 18” wide X 36” in height
All NTS barrels have a tapered design which allows stacking with or without barricade lights for easy handling and storage
All NTS barrels are Bright orange in color and color is molded throughout the drum with UV inhibitors that minimize fading
All NTS barrels have a built in carrying and dragging handle

Base selections include:
• Standard sand-filled base (requires sand bags)
• Recycled rubber ring
• Tire ring bases

NTS carries a large selection of Grabber Cones and other traffic control devices. Grabber cones are used for various forms of traffic and pedestrian control including:
• Parades/crowd control
• Water/flood control
• Lane closures
• Barricade construction work zones
• Vehicular or pedestrian traffic control
• Lane merger and lane tapper applications

NTS Grabber cones are available for sale and or rental in 28” or 42” heights, depending on your job specifications
• All NTS Grabber cones are made of flexible low density polyethylene
• All NTS Grabber cones are bright orange in color and color is molded throughout
• All NTS Grabber cones come standard with UV inhibitors to minimize fading
• All NTS Grabber cones have a patented designed Grabber Handle that allows easy movement
• All NTS Grabber cones are designed for quick stacking for storage and transport
• All NTS Grabber cones are available with various sizes and types of reflective sheeting
• All NTS Grabber cone bases are designed to resist crush damage if they are run over
All NTS Grabber cones meet Federal M.U.T.C.D standards

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