Water-Filled Barriers

Water Filled BarrierNTS rents and sells water-ballasted barriers. Water-Ballasted is the most tested barrier in the industry and is FHWA Accepted and NCHRP-350 tested. These units protect your employees from traffic, and are ideal for the General Contractor, Road, Bridge, Municipal/Public works, Airports, Special events/ crowd control.  Common applications for the water filled barriers include: barrier walls, type III barricade, longitudinal channelizer, sign support, temporary work zones, stadiums and sporting events, security mazes, road blocks, public works projects and fence applications.

NTS carries a wide variety of water barriers and accessories to meet the diverse needs 001of contractors. All barriers are designed to meet FHWA and NCHRP-350 standards, with higher strength barriers needed based upon specific roadway speed requirements.  Depending on the application, some barriers can accept fence panels that install through the barrier to provide an increase degree of site securement.  Models are also available with wire cables that can be used in place of concrete barriers where federal, state and or local standards allow.