Beam and Plate Systems

Beam and Plate Systems - National Trench SafetyFor pit applications that will be in the ground for an extended time period, NTS recommends Beam and Plate systems, which are an alternative to Slide Rail and Tight Sheeting products.  Beam and Plate systems offer large free span work areas and are usually less expensive for the extended duration projects.

NTS offers 12 various sizes of 1” thick and larger steel plates for use with shoring systems and road plating. Various weight and length H-Beams combine with the steel plates to offer excellent versatility for shoring and supporting the most demanding of soil conditions especially critical with adjoining structures. This system provides for a “dig and push” system as the excavation progresses to desired depth and supports adjoining soils and structures during the excavation process. This system can be utilized for one, two, three or four sided excavation wall protection.

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