Grave Shield

The Lite GuardTM Grave Shield utilizes a patented, proprietary aluminum extrusion design to form a lightweight shield that can properly protect the most common grave graveshield_001dimensions, while also accommodating the lightweight machinery commonly used by most  cemetery operators.  When installed properly, the Grave Shield helps minimize soil disturbance which could affect the integrity of adjacent grave sites as well as reducing the risk for employee and or guest injuries around the excavation while also creating a very safe, yet aesthetically appealing grave site for the burial process.

The Grave Shield is composed of aluminum extruded panels that are welded together graveshield_000to form the lightweight shield. The system features a variety of cross bracing options to meet most any operator’s requirements including fixed length struts, manual screw jacks, hydraulic struts as well as complete end panel assemblies.  Custom size shields are also available in two, three and four sided configurations that allow a cemetery professional to better match the shield size to its common grave size.  This unique flexibility helps to improve grave digging efficiency by preventing over excavation of a grave site while lowering machine cycles and most importantly reducing employee time on the site.

graveshield_004The Grave Shield can be customized using a variety of additional accessories to further customize the system. Optional leg kits are available which allow the base shield to be extended 2-ft off the bottom of the excavation as allowed by the OSHA (covered in the system’s tabulated data).  End panel kits are also available that can fit over an open end of the shield to provide complete protection against soil raveling along open edges.

A Grave Shield Cover Plate is also available that’s designed to cover the grave when the site is not in use. The Grave Shield Cover Plate firmly affixes to the shield to provide a secure method of closure to prevent employees and the general public from falling into a grave.  NTS’s patented Work Zone Safety fall protection system may also be integrated with this system for those cemeteries looking for a solution for further protection when a grave is open.