Hydraulic Manhole Systems

NTS carries two models of hydraulic manhole systems: hydraulic manhole shields and hydraulic manhole braces.  These systems build upon the concept of steel manhole shields, adding a hydraulic element that can provide proactive soil support during the excavation process.

Hydraulic Manhole Shields

Hydraulic manhole brace - National Trench SafetyHydraulic manhole shields make use of a hydraulic manhole frame attached to OSHA compliant sheeting.  system can be pressurized out against the excavation walls to provide proactive soil support, or can be pressurized and pinned in place prior to being installed and used in a static state.

The system is available in 4’, 6’ and 8’ heights and is stackable for depths up to 20’.

Hydraulic Manhole Braces

Hydraulic manhole shield - National Trench SafetyHydraulic manhole braces are composed of a hydraulic cylinders with steel oversleeves that provide four-sided soil support during an excavation.  The system is typically used with finn form, steel sheeting, steel plates or other OSHA compliant sheeting.  The manhole cylinders are available in 2” and 3” cylinder configurations to meet job specific requirements.