NTS Multi-Shores are specially designed, large heavy duty vertical shores, for use in Multi-Shores - National Trench Safetytrenching projects where the depth of the trench is so deep that it exceeds the capacity of the standard vertical shore products. With many of the same operational advantages as standard vertical shores, the NTS Multi-Shore units have 1 1/8” CDX Plywood attached to Heavy Duty aluminum rails in combination with a series of hydraulic cylinders that make up the complete unit. NTS rents and sells Multi-shores in standard stock lengths of 10’, 12’, 16’, and 20’ tall. Depending on the size of Multi-shore that is right for your project, three to five hydraulic cylinders are used to put pressure on the walls of the excavation. All Multi Shores Heavy Duty - National Trench Safetycylinders are attached to a manifold system allowing individual control of each cylinder. One of the major advantages of the system is that it allows the contractor to raise the multi-shore in lifts while backfilling and compacting.

In the unlikely event that one cylinder is damaged while in service, the damaged cylinder may be isolated and still maintain an active load on the trench, until the multi-shore can be safely removed and the cylinder repaired or replaced. All NTS multi-shores come standard with steel corner edge protectors, and where two pieces of plywood are joined, a splice plate/edge protector is used. Heavy duty steel lifting eyes are an integral part of each unit for assisting in the installation and removal of each Multi-shore.

Multi-Shore Options - National Trench SafetyMulti-shores are installed and removed from above the trench using the excavator or backhoe. NTS also rents certified, engineered Multi-shore lifting bars, for use in trench widths from 17” to 10’ (wider width available upon request). In the right application multi-shores offer an economical, lightweight, strong, and highly productive alternative shoring solution for deeper projects.

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