Pipe Pullers

Pipe Pullers are mechanical units that are used to apply the necessary mechanical forces required to safely and cleanly “join” large diameter concrete and culvert pipe in the trenches to hopefully eliminate joint and bell damage. NTS carries a large fleet of both cable and hydraulic pipe pulling units for rental and sale.

JB Pipe Puller
The JB Pipe Puller, manufactured by Basinger Manufacturing, is NTS’s newest pipeJB_Pipe_Puller_2 puller.  The system builds upon traditional cable pipe pullers introducing several safety and productivity advantages.  The system is designed with solid bars replacing the typical cable wire, which eliminates the potential for fraying or snapping of a cable wire when placed upon the stress of the pull.  The system also features a hydraulic set and release process for the strut that allows the system to be released easily once a pull is complete, as opposed to the hammering typically required to dislodge the strut in most pipe pullers.

Standard duty units are capable of pulling pipe up to 10-ft in diameter, while heavy duty units can pull pipe up to 14-ft in diameter in less than 3 minutes.  The unit can be easily adapted to round, elliptical and box culverts.  The unit is also safer than many products on the market eliminating the need for blocks and come-a-longs.

To see the unit in operation please play the video below or see the link to the operations manual.

To download a copy of the JB Pipe Puller Operating Manual, click HERE.


Cable Pipe Pullers
NTS also carries a line of traditional cable pipe pullers.  Traditional cable pullers are designed to sit within a piece of pipe for the purpose of joining an additional pipe Pipe Pullers - National Trench Safetysegment.  Once the pipe puller is set within the pipe, the cable wire is extended to reach the open end of the next pipe segment.  The two wire cables are then attached to the open end using hooks while tension is applied to the wire cable to slowly and safely join the pipe segments.  Optional snatch blocks can provide increasing pulling force in applications where the winch’s standard pulling capacity will not suffice due to weight and or distance.





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