Retrieval Systems

Picture1 NTS Work Zone Retrieval SystemNTS offers a variety of space retrieval devices for rental and purchase, as well as an integrated system for the trench safety industry designed by National Trench Safety.  The NTS Fall Protection System integrates with the NTS Handrail and Ladder Access Systems to provide a comprehensive solution for trench safety needs.  The system makes use of an articulating davit arm that allows for a greater range of motion without moving the system.  The system’s design also allows for easy relocation to any point along the excavation.  The NTS Fall Protection System provides a single system for access, egress, recovery and fall protection tie off.

NTS carries a wide variety of manufacturers for confined space retrieval systems, including DBI/Sala, Protecta, Pelsue and Miller. Each brand has specific features made to answer your unique situation. From a simple manhole in the middle of a paved street, to industrial and municipal plant applications. If you need some help in working out a solution, please call us so that we may assist you in designing a safe and efficient work zone and flow for your employees.