Truck Mounted Attenuators

tma3NTS operates one of the nation’s largest Rental fleets of Truck Mounted Attenuator units (TMA). All of our rental units are equipped with the Scorpion (manufactured by Traffix) attenuator unit and have passed the NCHRP-350 Report for TL-3 evaluation criteria-for-speeds up to 62.5mph. NTS is also a stocking Dealer for the sales and installation of the Scorpion TMA unit and our service department specializes in the installation of these units on a customer supplied vehicle that meets the required specifications.

  • Scorpions low profile and open design is beneficial in minimizing wind resistance and drag
  • Scorpions lightweight aluminum construction minimizes rust and other corrosive elements and weighs only 1450 lbs. (about 2/3 the weight of competitive products)
  • With its modular design, scorpion crushes in progressive stages upon impact thus reducing repair cost
  • Scorpions durable construction and heavy duty tubular side rails minimize incidental back up or turning damage
  • The unique curved design redirects side angle impacts away from exposed corner of the truck
  • 90 degree angle for travel and storage (approximately 12 ft. Long)
  • 180 degree angle for high speed travel and storage over the truck bed (approximately 10 ft. 6” long)