Traffic Signage


Highly visible road traffic signs that improve traffic flow and meet MUTCD standards Improve road and traffic safety with MUTCD-compliant road signs. Direct traffic, reduce congestion and help prevent accidents with attention-grabbing road signs that clearly communicate the flow of traffic. Designed with durability in mind for extensive outdoor use, our customizable traffic signs come in many colors, sizes, and styles, including do not enter signs, one-way signs, and wrong-way signs. All road signs can be constructed of our long-lasting aluminum material. Additional overlaminate and reflectivity options are available for increased protection and visibility.

Construction & Traffic Signs

NTS manufactures signs in our state-of-the-art facilities. All of our manufactured signs meet all federal, MUTCD, and NHCRP350 standards. We offer all types of signs from .080 aluminum to MDO plywood. We manufacture signs from the 6×12 aluminum sign to the full-size 48” orange road construction sign. You have the choice of reflective sheeting from type A engineer grade to Type E fluorescent diamond grade sheeting on all of our signs and sign sizes. NTS is clearly your sign manufacturing choice.

NTS also has an economical choice of message boards. We have static message boards that are trailer mounted and designed to be left on the site for extended periods of time. These boards have 4 lines with up to 160 inches for verbiage on each line. The boards accommodate 9-inch letters so it is clearly visible to the motorists. This is an economical way of providing pertinent information to the motorist.

NTS rents and sells a complete line of roll-up construction signs, portable sign stands, stand accessories and all the typically required ancillary products. NTS roll up signs and stands meet the “NCHRP-350” standard. All roll up signs come in industry-standard 36” and 48” sizes. Roll-up sign sheeting material options are Reflexite Super Bright, 3M Diamond Grade, Reflexite Marathon reflective, Reflexite non-reflective and mesh non-reflective.

All NTS roll-up signs are made of the highest quality materials to achieve maximum performance. All roll-up signs have a set of heavy-duty fiberglass ribs and ABS plastic corner pockets to make setup quick and efficient. NTS has a wide range of sign legends in a variety of sizes set forth in the “MUTCD” (Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices) standards. When the signs are not in use they roll up on the ribs and have a Velcro strap to keep the sign tightly rolled and sign face safe from damage. This also allows for convenient storage as well.

NTS offers one of the broadest selections of sign stands available. All of our sign stands meet or exceed the requirements of “NHCHRP350” (crash worthiness). Some of the different styles of sign stands carried by NTS are:

  • Portable Rubber Base with fold-down latch—for convenient stacking and storage. This stand can be used with either 36” or 48” roll up signs.
  • Step N Drop—this sign stand allows you to quickly set and go without a hassle. It has a simple system that allows you to hit the extension button with your foot and the sign stand legs quickly fold down. This compact and easy to carry stand can easily be adjusted for uneven terrain. The Step N Drop stand can also be used with either 36” or 48” roll up signs.
  • Spring Loaded—this style of sign stands can be used in various signage applications. These stands are designed to hold from 30” to 48” rigid signs (aluminum, plywood, plastic) as well as 36” or 48” roll up signs. The Spring Loaded sign stand utilizes all steel components in its construction and has a telescoping mast. These stands also have telescoping legs to create a wider base area for added stability in windy conditions. This style of sign stand also comes standard with the same quick setup features that are found on the Step-N-Drop series sign stand.

NTS also carries a full line of rollup sign and sign stand accessories.

Concrete Barriers

Concrete barricades used as temporary barrier in work zones. Any quantity delivered to your job site. Meets all state regulations.

Options Available:

  • 10 foot long at 4,000 pounds
  • 20 foot long at 8,000 pounds