Cantilever Beam and Plate Provides Support for the Construction for a New Exit Ramp

A Northwest Arkansas contractor recently constructed a mechanically stabilized earth wall which provided support for an exit ramp. The project required a linear run of 480-ft and a depth of 12-ft. The Competent Person on-site classified the sandy clay soil as Type-C-60.

The project site was located next to a subdivision at about 12-ft from the current resident’s property line. The Arkansas Department of Transportation had strict requirements on the type of protective system that could be used, including the method of installation. The protective system would need to support the adjacent structures, diminish the installation noise pollution, and reduce the restoration process while addressing all of the ARDOT local requirements.

The contractor contacted NTS and discussed a few protective options for the project. After carefully reviewing the potential systems, the contractor selected an engineered cantilever beam and plate system. The cantilever beam and plate system is a shoring protection system normally used on projects that require a large free-span area. The cantilever beam and plate system was installed by drilling pilot holes to the required depth and then inserting beams through the holes. Steel plates were then pushed to depth between the channels within the beams to provide the required lateral protection. The contractor was very impressed with the cantilever beam and plate system and completely satisfied that the protective system met the local and state requirements.