Road and Trench Plates

Trench plates offer a safe solution and enable you to utilize the road or construction site without disruption. By using road plates, you can minimize the impact of your construction project on the surrounding community. At NTS, we provide two types of trench covers – safety plates and composite plates. In addition, we offer a range of traffic safety items such as barricades, warning signs, and concrete barrier walls to ensure a secure working environment.

Steel Plates

Trench plates are a must-have on construction sites because they make things safer for workers and the local community. They also allow the road to be used normally. National Trench Safety’s steel trench tops even have anti-skid features to make the job site even safer.

Composite Mats

Composite ground mats prove to be quite handy in temporary construction gigs. They offer a reliable way to access the site, all while keeping disruptions to a minimum. Plus, they boost stability and provide better traction across different parts of the job site.

Pedestrian Mats

This modular system is an alternative to steel road plates. The composite road plate trench cover is suitable for 97,000 lbs vehicle over a 48” trench.

Plate Locks

Our water-ballasted barriers are FHWA-accepted and NCHRP-350 tested, protecting workers and enhancing safety in various settings. From barrier walls to temporary work zones, these barriers cater to needs like crowd control, stadiums, and more. Our diverse range meets FHWA and NCHRP-350 standards, and some even accept fence panels for added site security.