Work Zone Customer Portal

NTS Workzone logo 5-22-23

Did you know NTS has an industry-leading customer portal?

Discover the convenience of NTS’s Work ZoneTM customer portal that allows you to:

  • View and download invoices for rentals and sales
  • View outstanding balances and credit limit
  • View open & closed contracts, including line-items
  • Export all data including “on-rent” items
  • Make Call-off requests
  • Update a customer PO number
  • Use a mobile phone to access all functionality

And most recently…

  • Pay invoices by credit card or eCheck

ACH Payments Now Available in Work Zone

NTS has enhanced its Work Zone customer portal by introducing ACH payments, providing customers with a convenient and secure payment method. With this new feature, customers can now easily make payments directly from their bank accounts, eliminating the need for checks or credit cards. ACH payments offer a seamless and efficient process, allowing NTS customers to quickly settle their invoices. By embracing this technology, NTS continues to prioritize customer satisfaction and streamline operations, making it easier than ever for customers to manage their accounts and transactions.