Trench and Traffic Equipment

National Trench Safety is here to provide you with the best solutions for your projects. We offer unique, high-quality products that will work no matter what size or scope of the project you have.


Steel plates are essential for any construction site and are skid-resistant, which protects workers from injuries.


Trench shields are used to protect workers from the collapse of trench walls. They can be made from aluminum or steel, and they are typically equipped with spreaders to support the sidewalls of the shields.

Hydraulic Shoring

Hydraulic vertical shores are a quick, easy way to shore up your trench.

Engineered Systems

Site-specific construction engineering is an extension of NTS’ industry-leading trench safety services.

Traffic Safety Equipment

If you need to make sure your traffic equipment is what you need for your project, check out our full line of traffic safety products.

Specialty Equipment

With over 60 branches across the country, we make sure that you get what your work needs and when it does too.