Composite Mats

Composite ground mats can be used during temporary construction, as a means of site access while preventing site disturbance, and increasing stability and traction along with areas of a job site. NTS carries a variety of composite ground mats to meet the varying needs of contractors.

Mat TypeMaterialDimensionsWeightCapacity
Liberty MatHigh-Density Polyethylene (HPDE)7’-11” x 3’-11” x 0.5”77 lbsUp to 80 Tons
Tu« Trak XLHigh Molecular Weight Polyethylene (NMWPE)13’-6” x 6’-8” x 1.85”794 lbsUp to 150 Tons
DURA-BASECustom HDPE8’ x 14’ x 4”1000 lbs
NTS liberty composite mats

NTS Composite Mat Specifications

  • Unique tread pattern designs to improve traction for vehicles and heavy equipment
  • Environmentally friendly product with low carbon footprints
  • Mats are non-conductive and ideal for use on transmission projects fDURA-BASE mats feature an overlapping lip, which helps to bind the mats together and creates a continuous work surface
  • Lightweight design reduces equipment costs required for handling and installation of mats
  • Mats are chemical and oil resistant