Composite Mats

Composite ground mats are a valuable tool in temporary construction projects, providing secure site access while minimizing disruption and enhancing stability and traction across various areas of a job site.

By utilizing NTS’ composite ground mats, construction professionals can navigate their sites with ease, ensuring safe and efficient operations while preserving the integrity of the terrain. These mats not only offer reliable access solutions but also protect the ground from potential damage and prevent soil erosion.

NTS Composite Mat Specifications

  • Unique tread pattern designs to improve traction for vehicles and heavy equipment
  • Environmentally friendly product with low carbon footprints
  • Mats are non-conductive and ideal for use on transmission projects fDURA-BASE mats feature an overlapping lip, which helps to bind the mats together and creates a continuous work surface
  • Lightweight design reduces equipment costs required for handling and installation of mats
  • Mats are chemical and oil resistant

Incorporating NTS’ composite safety plates into construction projects offers professionals a reliable and efficient way to navigate work sites. These safety plates not only provide access solutions but also act as protective barriers, preventing ground damage and soil erosion. Ensure safety and efficiency with NTS’ composite safety plates.