Trench Plates

Trench Safety Steel Plates

Steel plates are key components of trench construction and safety. Construction crews and contractors need them to cover trenches of different sizes and are skid-resistant to improve the safety of work sites. You can choose from the standard sizes available or ask for custom ones to fit your specific construction requirements.

NTS steel road crossing plates feature hardened weld nuts and engineered lifting devices with an industry-standard minimum safety factor of 5-to-1 to provide safe, easy lifting of the plate from either side.

Steel Plate Configuration Table

5’x8’1,634 lbs
5’x10’2,042 lbs
6’x10’2,545 lbs
8’x10’3,267 lbs
8’x12’3,921 lbs
8’x16’5,248 lbs
8’x20’6,534 lbs
NTS steel road plate

NTS Steel Plate Specifications

  • NTS plates may be stacked flat requiring no dunnage
  • NTS plates are a minimum ASTM A-36 grade steel
  • Various standard sizes of steel plates ranging from 4’ to 20’
  • Skid-resistant texture is applied for enhanced vehicle safety
  • NTS operates a large and late model boom truck fleet for quick and safe delivery and pickup of road plates on job sites
  • Steel plate available in 1” and 1.5” thickness repairs

Trench Safety Rumble Plates

Rumble plates are a low-cost, portable system designed to be placed at the exits of construction sites.

NTS Rumble Plate Specifications

  • Size 8’ x 10’ x 1” thick
  • Weight 3,750 pounds

Trench Safety Curb Plates

Heavy-duty curb plates used to allow work vehicles to safely drive up curbs on job sites.

NTS Curb Plate Specifications

  • Size 12′ x 3’ x 1” thick
  • Weight 1500 pounds