Steel Trench Plates

Trench Safety Steel Plates

Trench plates are essential for all construction sites as they increase the safety of workers and the community by being able to utilize the road as normal. National Trench Safety’s steel trench tops are even skid-resistant to further increase job site safety.

Our steel road plates are designed with hardened weld nuts and engineered lifting devices. These features ensure the safe and easy lifting of the plates from either side, meeting industry-standard safety requirements with a minimum safety factor of 5-to-1.

Trench Safety Rumble Plates

Our heavy-duty rumble plates provide a low-cost, reliable solution to create a noticeable rumbling effect, alerting drivers to reduce their speed at construction site exits. By implementing our rumble plates, you can significantly enhance safety and mitigate the risk of accidents.

Their Specifications:

  • Size 8’ x 10’ x 1” thick
  • Weight 3,750 pounds

Trench Safety Curb Plates

NTS’ curb plates are a robust solution designed to facilitate the safe and efficient maneuvering of work vehicles over cubs on job sites. With their generous dimensions and substantial weight, these curb plates provide a stable and reliable surface for vehicles to drive up curbs without causing damage or compromising safety.

Their Specifications:

  • Size 12′ x 3’ x 1” thick
  • Weight 1500 pounds