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Knowledge Article: Composite Mats – A Cost-Effective Solution

Composite mats are a cost-effective solution used to protect ground structures. LibertyMats® are made from 100% recycled high-density polyethylene and manufactured in the United States. Composite mats are designed with Chevron Traction textured grips making the mats slip-resistant. The design also incorporates handholes allowing two people to safely position the mats.

Common uses involve creating pedestrian access points, work pads, or temporary access roads. Depending on the project requirements, the composite mats can be connected using a range of connectors to meet the project’s demands. For example, a film production crew recently utilized composite mats to safely traverse sandy terrain and protect the ecologically sensitive environment. The production crew positioned 160 8-ft long and 4-ft wide composite mats along the dunes leading to the beach and on the shoreline. Once the mats were in place, the film crew could freely move their equipment. The mats allowed the crew to safely move their props and cameras with ease, prevent trip hazards, and eliminate carrying expensive gear through the sand. The customer was impressed with the mats and how they performed in the undulating sandy terrain.

If you need to safely access a sensitive area or create a staging ground for a project, composite mats can be used to protect the land, reducing rehabilitation costs. Other heavy-duty mats are available if a more robust composite mat is needed. Below are a few key benefits of LibertyMats®:

  • Lightweight weight about 90 pounds
  • Fast and easy Install
  • Load bearing up to 80 tons*
  • Can work in different ground conditions
  • Textured Design- Slip Resistant
  • Protect environmentally sensitive areas

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