Golf Course Irrigation Repair Project Secured by Slide Rail System

Recently a North Carolina golf course encountered a failure with its irrigation system which became a major concern to the overall integrity of its landscape infrastructure. After a thorough inspection, it was discovered that a 48-inch corrugated steel pipe was the main cause of the failure. The irrigation system was composed of an overflow basin that was tied into a 48-inch corrugated steel line running through a pond dam that pumped water and irrigated the entire golf course. The contractor in charge of the project would be required to remove the existing overflow basin intake and slip line a 43-inch HPDE line.

The project site would be located in the surrounding perimeter of the pond for which the contractor would have the task of well pointing the area to minimize the pressure load originated by water and improve the poor soil conditions found in the area. After the well-point process was completed; the contractor noticed an improvement in the soil conditions where the Competent Person on-site classified the sandy soil as Type C-60. The contractor had several concerns with the tight work area and proximity of the adjacent structures such as the failing irrigation line and the overflow intake basin located a few feet apart from where the new structure would be constructed. It was discovered that an underground power line ran between the residential road and the end of the protective system’s pre-determined location, which would force the contractor to carefully work around that section. The contractor would require a modular protective system that could accommodate the existing failing pipeline and allow room for the removal of the existing intake basin. In other words, a lean approach would be needed as 2-ft in each direction and the construction of the new intake basin would have been outside of the parameters of the engineered specs. After reviewing all of the challenges, the contractor reached out to NTS and selected a slide rail system.

The slide rail system is a shoring solution that can be paired with different types of accessories. For this project, the slide rail system was composed of two bays with a sheeting guided frame located at the upper end of the system, while a rolling strut was placed in the center of the bays above and between the existing intake basin and the new structure. The slide rail system’s initial setup played a key role in the installation process, as the contractor needed to align the protective system perfectly against the existing corrugated pipe so that the sheeting guided frame would be placed at the upper end of the protective system above the existing line which ran through the dam. The sheeting guided frame added paramount protection and the necessary clearance while the rolling strut provided the adequate reach needed to access the two structures without compromising the integrity of the entire protective system. The slide rail system proved to be the best solution for the project thanks to its modular capabilities. The contractor was extremely impressed with the effectiveness and the ease of use of the slide rail system under poor soil conditions. Once the project has been completed it will extend the life of the irrigation infrastructure, provide the proper amount of water needed to upkeep the golf course grounds, and allow the golf course to be fully operational.