Hydraulic Vertical Shores Used for the Installation of Water and Sewer Lines

A Northern Phoenix contractor recently completed the installation of water and sewer lines for a new housing development that will host 1,600 new homes. The project required a linear run of more than 4,000-ft, a width of 36-ft, and depths ranging from 5 to 12 feet. The Competent Person on-site classified the soil as Type-C-60.

The project site was located on 410 acres of mostly sandy clay soil with a mixture of loose rock that challenged the underground excavation. The project required a system that could be installed quickly and effortlessly while providing the proper support to several of the irregular pit sizes found throughout the project.

The contractor called NTS to discuss a few protective options and after carefully evaluating some of the site challenges, the contractor elected to use hydraulic vertical shoring for the project. Hydraulic vertical shores are a quick and cost-effective way to provide proactive soil support on shallower trenches. These lightweight shores can be installed by a single worker and offer a range of sizes for projects with irregular size pits. The contractor was extremely satisfied with the easy installation and safety provided during the water and sewer line installation.