Introducing the NTS Mobile App

The National Trench Safety Mobile App was designed to be a tool for the underground construction industry as a resource that anyone working in and around excavations could benefit from, regardless of whether the user does business with NTS or not. The app features a wide variety of helpful tools, reference materials and convenient NTS product, service and branch information to assist the Competent Person and excavation crews perform their daily responsibilities more effectively, efficiently and safely.


Complete, print, text, email and manage required OSHA daily excavation checklists

The NTS Mobile App incorporates an excavation checklist to assist the contractor’s Competent Person in managing the periodic excavation inspections as required by OSHA. The NTS Mobile App questionnaire covers date, time and location of the inspection, general inspection, utilities, access and egress, wet conditions, hazardous atmospheres and soils.  Once the checklist has been completed, the Competent Person can save a copy of the inspection as well as print, text and or email the inspection checklist as needed.  The checklist feature also features a logging system, so that the Competent Person can quickly and easily retrieve past inspection reports.


Lookup, print, text and email manufacturer’s tabulated data online

The OSHA excavation standard establishes the need for tabulated data when using manufactured shoring or shielding systems. Most rental companies, including NTS, provide their customers with copies of the manufacturer’s tabulated data for shoring and shielding systems upon delivery of the equipment.  The NTS Mobile App provides a supplemental way for a crew to retrieve tabulated data for NTS equipment.  Equipment can be searched by serial number, item number and item description to allow a crew the ability to quickly consult a piece of tabulated data in the field without having to return to a jobsite trailer to locate and read the tabulated data.


Quick product reference tables with weights, depths and technical data

In addition to having tabulated data access, the NTS Mobile App features quick access to representative information for key product types to help crews make decisions on the equipment needed for a project. Representative information includes weights for steel road plates and trench boxes, depth ratings for trench boxes, operating ranges for vertical shores and much more.  Using the NTS Mobile App, a construction crew can quickly confirm the machinery required to lift a piece of trench safety, traffic safety or related equipment.


Quick Reference OSHA Soil, Sloping and Benching Charts

Designed to be a comprehensive tool for the Competent Person, the NTS Mobile App also contains quick reference material for soil classification, sloping and benching charts. The app features OSHA soil classification tables that the Competent Person can consult when selecting the type of Protective System required for a project.  If sloping or benching proves to be the Competent Person’s choice, the app contains representative tables for the rise and run for the OSHA recognized soil types for both sloping and benching to ensure compliance with OSHA standards.


Digital OSHA Excavation, Confined Space and Fall Protection Standards

The NTS Mobile App also contains the full OSHA excavation, fall protection, confined space for construction and confined space for general industry standards. The app provides these standards in a quick, convenient method formatted for a tablet or phone.  The Competent Person can utilize the app to research more technical information regarding a project to ensure the safety of employees and compliance of the project.



And Much More

The NTS Mobile App contains many more features including product information and application pictures, installation videos, open training classes and a convenient listing of NTS branch locations. Download the app today!


Future Versions

The NTS Mobile App continues to be refined and we have several exciting new features in development. As always, NTS welcomes its users to submit ideas for improvements that will better address their challenges as we continue to build a mobile app that can be the “go to resource” for the excavation industry.  Please send your feedback, comments and suggestions to


Download the NTS Mobile App at No Cost Today

The NTS Mobile App can be downloaded for free iPhone and iPad from the Apple App Store and for Android phones at the Android Store.


DISCLAIMER:  The NTS Mobile App is provided as a reference tool and no warranties are made or implied with respect to the App, its contents and or its functions.  It is the responsibility of the Competent Person, as defined by OSHA, to review the NTS Mobile App, its content and features for appropriateness of use on a project.