Octagon Manhole Box Assists on Manhole Installation

A northern Colorado city was required to construct new storm lines near a high traffic avenue. The awarded Denver contractor would be in charge of installing a new 36-inch and 48-inch reinforced concrete pipeline including the construction of new manholes. The contractor would be required to have protection during the manhole installation with an excavation measuring 14-ft in length, 14-ft in width, and 10-ft in depth. The contractor’s Competent Person on-site classified the sandy clay soil as C-60. The project would require a shielding device that could work well around the crossing and unmarked utility lines found in the area while securing the workers during the manhole installation. Additionally, the protective device would also need to provide lateral access so that the contractor could complete the 48-inch RCP and manhole tie-ins. The contractor turned to NTS and an octagon manhole box was provided. The octagon manhole shield is composed of 8-sided steel walls featuring 4-cutouts with bolt-on doors. The design is ideal for manhole and pipe repair projects. The contractor was extremely satisfied with the octagon manhole box which allowed the workers to finish the manhole installation and tie-ins sooner than expected; proving to be a reliable and cost-effective solution.