Hydraulic Vertical Shores

Hydraulic vertical shores - National Trench SafetyHydraulic Vertical Shores are the quickest way to shore a trench. They are designed to prevent cave-ins in all but the most unstable soil conditions by supporting the side walls of the trench through hydraulic pressure. All vertical shores are installed and removed from top of the trench.

Hydraulic Vertical Shores are a lightweight shoring device that can be installed by a single worker as fast as the trench is excavated.

Vertical shores are used in linear production applications, irregular size pit applications and other situations requiring spot bracing for repairs, inspections, etc.

These shores are commonly available in rail heights ranging from 1 ½’ to 20’ and with various hydraulic cylinder working widths ranging from 17” to 144”.

They are designed for use in Soil Types A, B & C-60. When soil conditions indicate trench face sloughing or raveling, approved wood sheeting may be used in conjunction with the vertical shores.

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