Steel Sheeting

Steel Sheeting - National Trench SafetyNTS offers a wide variety of cold and hot rolled steel sheeting to meet the unique needs of each project.  The NTS profiles are available in interlocking and overlapping designs, with common sheet lengths readily available.  Corner sheets are also available for select profiles.

All NTS steel sheeting can be used in conjunction with hydraulic excavation braces and other systems.

Below is a representative listing of common NTS steel sheeting profiles:

Profile illustration_KD6-8 illustration_SKS14 illustration_PZ27
Model KD 6/8 CS 69 PZ 27
Width W 23.6″ 27.56″ 18″
Thickness T .31″ .250″ .375″
Height H 3.15″ 5.91″ 12″
Weight (lbs/ft) 33.6 32.58 40.5
Weight (lbs/sq ft) 17 14.19 27
Selection Modulus (in^3/ft) 8.9 8.05 30.2

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