UltraShoreTM Shields

UltraShoreTM trench shields are lightweight and easy to use. UltraShoreTM trench boxes are made of specially corrugated aluminum that provides protection in trenches up to 12 feet deep but weighs hundreds of pounds less than other shoring products.

You can stack two or more UltraShoreTM panels or combine them for use vertically. There are some options like wheel kits and legs that let you take advantage of OSHA regulations.

Man installing NTS aluminum trench shields

UltraShoreTM Shield Options:

  • Wheel Kits with Axle – Widths 36″, 48″, 72″, 96″ and Custom
  • Lifting Harness
  • Stacking Accessories
  • Custom Designs for Special User Applications

UltraShoreTM Shield End Closure Panel Options:

  • 48 inches high x 24 inches wide
  • 48 inches high x 36 inches wide
  • 48 inches high x 48 inches wide
  • 48 inches high x 60 inches wide