Confined Space

Gas monitor for confined space by National Trench Safety

National Trench Safety offers a variety of confined space safety equipment to ensure everyone on your construction team remains safe.

Gas Monitors

  • OSHA-compliant 4-gas monitors for detecting oxygen, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide and combustible gases
  • Monitors are tested and calibrated before each delivery
  • Accessories, such as motorized pumps and sampling hoses, are readily available
  • Special monitors for gases such as chlorine are available for sale
Gas powered ventilator for confined space by NTS

Ventilators & Gas Monitors

NTS carries a broad selection of confined space equipment for rental and sale, including portable gas detectors, retrieval systems and ventilators.

Gas Powered Ventilators

  • Engine options include Honda and Briggs & Stratton
  • Some units have the flexibility to be used for line stringing and smoke testing
  • Large stocking inventories

Electric Ventilators

  • 110/220 volt and 12-volt electric motors
  • Wide variety available designed for various uses

Diesel Powered Pipeline Blower

  • High-capacity pipeline blowers
  • Ratings of 12,000 CFM
  • Designed for use with 20” diameter ducts and 100’ lengths