Pipe Testing Equipment

Pneumatic and Mechanical Pipe Plugs, NTS sells and rents a complete line of highly durable Lansas and Cherne pipe plugs.

Rental units are available in single and multi-sizes models ranging from 2” through 96” with larger and specialized custom-built units (with job-specific options) also available upon request. Plugs for leak detection, minimal flow-thru, high volume by-pass work, line air test, continuous flow-thru, mechanical and general plumbing are available on a 24/7 basis from your local NTS location.

Pipe Plugs

Durable rugged construction products meet or exceed industry standards. We stock plugs from 3 inches to 48 inches. Custom design and build available.


  • Test Plugs
  • Blocking Plugs
  • Flow Diverters
  • Mechanical Plugs
  • Manhole Testing Equipment
  • Flow Block “Weenie” Plugs
  • Wash Balls
  • Many sizes and other products are available for rent and sale.
NTS pipe testing equipment

Inflatable Pipe Plugs

Every new sanitary sewer has to be tested before its put in service. Air pressure tests from manhole to manhole are most common. Also, a sewer repair might require the existing flow to be bypassed around the area to be worked on.

The simplest way to control the flow of a storm or sanitary sewer or to isolate a section of gravity pipe is with pipe plugs. These inflatable cylinders are available in a variety of sizes. Standard rental fleet sizes range from 4 inches to 48inches in diameter. There are Test-Balls (stoppers) or Muni-Balls (by-pass lines) for air testing or by-passing a flow. All plugs are provided with a inflator/anchor line that allows the control of inflation and deflation from outside the manhole while securing the plug.

Trench Shoring Services is a distributor for the complete line of Cherne Industries Pneumatic Plugs. If you have a special need that isn’t in the rental fleet, we can order it for you through Cherne.

Mechanical Pipe Plug

Lightweight aluminum plug with a neoprene sealing ring. Provides 100% surface contact.