Specialty Safety Products

Featured specialty safety product by National Trench Safety

National Trench Safety offers a wide variety of specialty products for your latest project.

Lift Products

NTS offers many quality solutions to your specialized lifting and material handling needs. From concrete barrier and pipe lifts, to custom pulling and lifting bars, we have the proper tools to make your job safer, more productive and more profitable.

NTS rents and sells quality lift products from manufacturers such as Kenco, Crescent Pipe Tongs and Actek Manufacturing. NTS also rents and sells various styles of cable and chain rigging for safe handling of shoring and shielding products.

Barrier Lifts

Kenco Corporation barrier lifts provide a safe, easy, and efficient solution for the lifting and placement of concrete barrier walls. The Kenco lifts have exclusive elastomeric grips which provide superior gripping performance – even in inclement weather. These rugged lifting devices provide full surface contact without damaging the concrete. The Kenco Barrier Lift is available in models to handle capacities ranging from 1,500 to 30,000 pounds. Larger capacities can also be achieved by using multiple units.

JB pipe puller by National Trench Safety

Pipe Tongs/Pipe Lifts

Pipe tongs and pipe lifts from Crescent Pipe Tongs and Kenco Corp. are your answer for easy, safe and efficient handling of any type or size of concrete, RCP, PVC, steel or ductile iron pipe. When properly used, these units are proven to be safe, labor-saving devices. Easily compatible with virtually any type of crane, backhoe or excavator, these units are easy to attach to your pipe and release automatically when needed with complete safety. The use of these products will speed up job handling operations and allows placing of pipe in trenches of minimum working width. All units are manufactured with the highest quality certified materials including lightweight aluminum alloy, or fabricated high tensile steel. Standard rental and sale units can handle pipe dimensions of 4” to 147”. Each pipe tong/lift is stamped with a safety load limit (which should never be exceeded). All tongs conform to applicable state and federal safety standards and comply with OSHA safety orders.

Steel Plate, Sheeting & Beam Tools

NTS provides a variety of solutions for safe handling of our steel products. Engineered super eyebolts and swivels from Actek Manufacturing, when used in conjunction with hardened steel weld nuts, ensure safe handling of steel road plates. NTS can also supply you with proper plate clamps and shackles when using NTS road plates, sheeting or steel beams in a shoring application.

Rigging, Slings & Chains

NTS works closely with a variety of local suppliers of wire rope and chain rigging to select and provide the right lifting product to be used with any NTS shoring and shielding products. All lifting products supplied by NTS are certified to meet Federal, State and OSHA standards. Whether you are looking for a safe lifting cable for your trench shield or special pulling cables for slide rail or sheeting extraction NTS has the right product to help you operate safely and be more productive in the trenches.

Pipe Pullers

Pipe Pullers are mechanical units that are used to apply the necessary mechanical forces required to safely and cleanly “join” large diameter concrete and culvert pipe in the trenches to hopefully eliminate joint and bell damage. NTS carries a large fleet of both cable and hydraulic pipe pulling units for rental and sale.

JB Pipe Puller

The JB Pipe Puller, manufactured by Basinger Manufacturing, is NTS’s newest pipe puller. The system builds upon traditional cable pipe pullers introducing several safety and productivity advantages. The system is designed with solid bars replacing the typical cable wire, which eliminates the potential for fraying or snapping of a cable wire when placed upon the stress of the pull. The system also features a hydraulic set and release process for the strut that allows the system to be released easily once a pull is complete, as opposed to the hammering typically required to dislodge the strut in most pipe pullers.

Standard duty units are capable of pulling pipe up to 10-ft in diameter, while heavy duty units can pull pipe up to 14-ft in diameter in less than 3 minutes. The unit can be easily adapted to round, elliptical and box culverts. The unit is also safer than many products on the market eliminating the need for blocks and come-a-longs.

Cable Pipe Pullers

NTS also carries a line of traditional cable pipe pullers. Traditional cable pullers are designed to sit within a piece of pipe for the purpose of joining an additional pipe segment. Once the pipe puller is set within the pipe, the cable wire is extended to reach the open end of the next pipe segment. The two wire cables are then attached to the open end using hooks while tension is applied to the wire cable to slowly and safely join the pipe segments. Optional snatch blocks can provide increasing pulling force in applications where the winch’s standard pulling capacity will not suffice due to weight and or distance.

Rock Screens

Rock screens are designed for sifting rock and debris from soil on your job sites. Other sizes available on request.


  • 2 inches minus
  • 4 inches minus
  • 6 inches minus

Safety Supplies

NTS is your one stop source for all your work zone safety solutions. At NTS we offer orange safety fencing, silt fencing, ATSSA approved safety vests, ANSI safety glasses, hard hats, traffic cones, marking paint and DOT approved vehicle warning lights.

In today’s highly complex construction environment, safety products, safety equipment, and safety supplies are as necessary to any project as having good employees to run the business. Choosing the right personal protective equipment (PPE) and work site safety supplies can be a complex task, even for the most experienced safety professional. NTS is here to make your job easier by carrying a variety of the most commonly used items and we can deliver your order on time every time direct to your job site.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

NTS carries a full line of reflective vests, hard hats, gloves, safety glasses, ear plugs and vehicle strobes and beacons. Many items such as vests can be customized with the customers own logo’s and names. Ask your NTS sales representative for details.

Construction Safety Supplies

Barricade tape, marking tape and paint, safety and silt fencing and safety markers and signs, are just a few of the items that can be found at all NTS branches.

Contractors Supplies

Cold mix asphalt, pavement patch.