Traffic Control Equipment

NTS traffic control equipment

National Trench Safety offers traffic control equipment to ensure protection for road crews and the safety of pedestrians and drivers. All equipment must be highly visible, and ANSI-compliant safety vests are essential for roadside workers.

Traffic Barricades: Channelizers & Barrels

NTS rents and sells a complete line of premium quality traffic channelizing devices that are designed for maximum visibility and durability. All NTS barrels and grabber cones meet the crash-worthy requirements of NCHRP-350.

NTS carries a large inventory of traffic control barrels. All NTS barrels come with various options to help you pick the right product for your specific application.

Traffic Control Barrels are available in rugged and durable high-density polyethylene or impact-resistant re-shapeable low-density polyethylene.

All NTS barrels are certified to meet Federal crashworthy requirements of NCHRP-350.

All NTS barrels have a minimum base width of 18” wide X 36” in height.

All NTS barrels have a tapered design which allows stacking with or without barricade lights for easy handling and storage.

All NTS barrels are Bright orange in color and color is molded throughout the drum with UV inhibitors that minimize fading.

All NTS barrels have a built-in carrying and dragging handle.

Base selections include:

  • Standard sand-filled base (requires sandbags)
  • Recycled rubber ring
  • Tire ring bases

NTS carries a large selection of grabber cones and other traffic control devices. Grabber cones are used for various forms of traffic and pedestrian control including:

  • Parades/crowd control
  • Water/flood control
  • Lane closures
  • Barricade construction work zones
  • Vehicular or pedestrian traffic control
  • Lane merger and lane tapper applications

NTS grabber cones are available for sale and or rental in 28” or 42” heights, depending on your job specifications

  • All NTS Grabber cones are made of flexible low-density polyethylene
  • All NTS Grabber cones are bright orange in color and color is molded throughout
  • All NTS Grabber cones come standard with UV inhibitors to minimize fading
  • All NTS Grabber cones have a patented designed Grabber Handle that allows easy movement
  • All NTS Grabber cones are designed for quick stacking for storage and transport
  • All NTS Grabber cones are available in various sizes and types of reflective sheeting

All NTS Grabber cone bases are designed to resist crush damage if they are run over

All NTS Grabber cones meet Federal M.U.T.C.D standards

Message Boards

Portable solar powered message boards are used in a variety of traffic control, emergency communication and sporting event applications as well as for temporary communication devices to convey your desired text to any mass audience. NTS is an authorized dealer for Solar-Tech and Wanco electronic message boards. We offer one of the nation’s largest sales and rental fleets, from full matrix to the mini 3-line units. NTS provides complete in-house repairs, maintenance and upgrade services for virtually all brands of portable electronic message centers and arrow boards.

With one of the largest rental fleets throughout the country, NTS is ready to handle your portable message center needs. NTS solar powered message boards meet or exceed all state, local and federal requirements. All NTS message boards can be programmed on site with just a few touches of the keyboard or by using the hand held controller. Full matrix units can also be pre-programmed to display pictures, various artwork and special messages as required.
NTS has one of the largest and most modern message board repairs facilities in the industry. Our highly trained technicians can repair and maintain virtually all brands of customer owned portable message boards. Call your local NTS office for further details about renting or purchase of a portable solar powered message center or for any repair and or maintenance needs you may have on message boards you already own.

When the motorist needs advanced warning of road construction, detour information or road hazards, or you need a temporary message center to communicate your instructions for crowd control, parking or emergency information, NTS is your best choice to call for your portable message board needs.


NTS sells a wide range of solvent-borne and water-borne traffic paints that are specially formulated for the unique environmental conditions of each market. The paints are formulated for highways, parking lots, crosswalks, stop bars and legends among other uses.

The solvent-borne line of paint is available in the following variations:

  • 2170 and 2180 Series Fast-Dry Low VOC in white, yellow, black, red and blue
  • 2200 series High VOC Semi-Gloss in white, yellow and red
  • UT series Fast-Dry HI VOC Flat in white, yellow, black, red and blue
  • Chlorinated rubber traffic and parking lot paint in white, yellow, black, red and blue

The water-borne line of paint is available in the following variations:

  • 1140 Series Standard-Dry in white and yellow
  • 1180 Series Pro Plus Fast-Dry Lead Free in white, yellow, red, blue and green
  • 1190 Series Pro Plus Semi-Gloss Lead-Free

In addition to our comprehensive striping paint line, we also carry some of the most common accessories to support your project needs.

Water-Filled Barriers

NTS rents and sells water-ballasted barriers. Water-Ballasted is the most tested barrier in the industry and is FHWA Accepted and NCHRP-350 tested. These units protect your employees from traffic and are ideal for the General Contractor, Road, Bridge, Municipal/Public works, Airports, Special events/ crowd control. Common applications for the water filled barriers include:

  • Barrier walls,
  • Type III barricade,
  • Longitudinal channelizer,
  • Sign support,
  • Temporary work zones,
  • Stadiums and sporting events,
  • Security mazes,
  • Road blocks,
  • Public works projects and
  • Fence applications.

NTS carries a wide variety of water barriers and accessories to meet the diverse needs of contractors. All barriers are designed to meet FHWA and NCHRP-350 standards, with higher strength barriers needed based upon specific roadway speed requirements. Depending on the application, some barriers can accept fence panels that install through the barrier to provide an increase degree of site securement. Models are also available with wire cables that can be used in place of concrete barriers where federal, state and or local standards allow.

Truck-Mounted Attenuators

NTS operates one of the nation’s largest Rental fleets of Truck Mounted Attenuator units (TMA). All of our rental units are equipped with the Scorpion (manufactured by Traffix) attenuator unit and have passed the NCHRP-350 Report for TL-3 evaluation criteria-for-speeds up to 62.5mph. NTS is also a stocking dealer for the sales and installation of the Scorpion TMA unit and our service department specializes in the installation of these units on a customer-supplied vehicle that meets the required specifications.

  • Scorpions low profile and open design is beneficial in minimizing wind resistance and drag
  • Scorpions lightweight aluminum construction minimizes rust and other corrosive elements and weighs only 1450 lbs. (about 2/3 the weight of competitive products)
  • With its modular design, scorpion crushes in progressive stages upon impact thus reducing repair cost
  • Scorpions durable construction and heavy duty tubular side rails minimize incidental back up or turning damage
  • The unique curved design redirects side angle impacts away from exposed corner of the truck
  • 90-degree angle for travel and storage (approximately 12 ft. Long)
  • 180-degree angle for high speed travel and storage over the truck bed (approximately 10 ft. 6” long)

Arrow Boards

Trailer mounted solar-powered arrow boards are an excellent and indispensable traffic control tool that is used on many construction projects around the country. NTS is an authorized dealer for Solar-Tech, Wanco, and Allmand brands of solar-powered Arrow Boards. NTS has one of the largest rental fleets of trailer-mounted, solar-powered arrow boards in the country. Each NTS location rents and sells both 15 and 25 light trailer-mounted units. NTS also sells portable skid-mounted and vehicle-mounted traffic arrow boards. Our service department can repair virtually any brand of Arrow Board and NTS also offers installation services for the unit of your choice.

All of NTS Arrow Boards feature onboard, built-in battery charging systems and come with quick-change control units to display the various industry-standard light configurations.

All NTS rental units come with the following features:

  • State of the art led lamps which provide bright directional viewing
  • Will operate up to 30 days without sunlight
  • Deep cycle battery system
  • Service department support via our 800 number or direct hands on in the field service and support