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NTS stands alone as the sole trench and traffic safety equipment enterprise boasting a nationwide branch network. Our extensive, diverse inventory encompasses equipment available for both rental and sale, accompanied by traffic and trench safety engineering services. Additionally, we offer a broad OSHA-compliant training curriculum. Fundamentally, NTS is a service-oriented organization, a commitment reflected in our mission statement.


Road Plates & Heavy Duty Mats Protect Roads From Nearby Project

Due to rapid growth and the resultant increase in motor vehicle traffic, a large metropolitan area needed to upgrade its highway infrastructure. The city had decided to invest in new access roads designed to alleviate traffic congestion around the economic districts of the city. The awarded contractor would be required to construct a new freeway and excavate a two-mile tunnel. Heavy duty machinery such as excavators and dump trucks would be present throughout the excavation phase navigating in and out of the project site. A road protection plan would be the contractor’s best approach avoiding new expenses or delays. The contractor a frequent customer of NTS inquired about several solutions. After evaluating a few options, the contractor selected road plates and anti-skid composite mats. NTS steel road plates are ASTM A-36 and normally used for some of the toughest applications. In addition, NTS carries a wide variety of composite mats manufactured from HDPE polyethylene featuring chemical, oil, and anti-resistance properties. With the use of road plates and mats the contractor took the precaution necessary to protect the integrity of the nearby roads and eliminated the liability of performing unaccounted road repairs.

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