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Slide Rail Offers Big Benefits for Utility Tunnel Expansion

At Utah State University (USU), crews led by general contractor Jacobsen Construction are working to expand a utility tunnel running beneath the main campus in Logan. The cast-in-place concrete structure, currently about 2 miles long and measuring 10 ft tall and 9.5 ft wide, houses USU’s steam distribution system, among other essential utilities.

National Trench Safety (NTS), which has participated in several phases of these infrastructure upgrades, recently designed a shoring strategy for a large excavation running directly through the campus’ main intersection. The team was challenged to devise a safe solution to execute shoring and tunnel construction without interrupting service to the 13 utilities crossing through the 160-ft-long, 18-ft-wide, 20-ft-deep trench.

To meet the project requirements, NTS specified a slide rail system manufactured by Germany-based SBH. The nine-bay system was installed by Edge Construction, the excavation contractor, and incorporated three sections of 20-ft sheeting guides that allowed for multiple operations to occur simultaneously to expedite the work.

The ability to shore a large, clear-span trench also eased Jacobsen Construction’s ability to self-perform the concrete pours for the floor, walls and ceiling of the tunnel extension. Ultimately, this shoring solution helped the general contractor meet the project’s tight construction schedule and minimize disruptions to both campus activities and utility service.

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