Slide Rail Paired with Steel Sheeting Guide Frames Protects Multiple Water Main Laterals

The slide rail is a modular site-specific shoring system that can be utilized as a stand-alone or can be paired with other protective systems to handle complex projects. The shoring system is normally composed of corner post, and various sized panels. The slide rail paired with steel guide frames is a go-to shoring option when there are concerns involving ground water infiltration, surface encumbrances, pre-disturbed soil, or pre-existing utilities. Let’s take a look at a recent project in central Texas where the slide rail was paired with a sheeting guide frame and steel sheeting supported the installation of a 36-inch storm drain pipe.

The project required an excavation cut measuring 36-ft long, 9-ft wide to a depth of 17-ft in sandy clay soil with high plasticity classified as C-60. The site-specific system was designed with three bays measuring 9-ft wide, 12-ft long with the incorporation of several rolling struts spanning each bay to a total height of 20-ft. The middle bay was comprised of steel panels at the top and a sheeting guide frame in the mid-section with steel sheeting embedded to a depthSlide Rail System of 2-ft securing the crossing. Before the installation of the steel sheets could be completed, the contractor noticed that the water main laterals were not quite perpendicular to the sheeting guides and required hydro excavation to expose the area. Hydro excavation is a non-destructive method using pressurized water and suction to carefully reveal utilities in sensitive areas. Once the crossing utilities were exposed, the contractor could finish installing the steel sheeting around the crossings.

With the slide rail and steel sheeting properly in place the contractor without any further setbacks quickly installed the 36-storm drain pipe. This project was the contractor’s first experience with the slide rail system and with the assistance of an experienced local NTS representative was able to grasp how to properly install and remove the shoring system. Using the right equipment on excavation projects is crucial and can either make or break a project.