Slide Rail Provides Support for the Installation of a Sanitary Sewer Line

A Northern Denver contractor recently installed a 24-inch sanitary sewer line. The project required a linear run of more than 36-ft with a width of 16-ft and depth of 26-ft. The Competent Person on-site classified the sandy clay soil as Type-C-60.

The project site would be located next to a high in traffic road and adjacent to a live water main pipeline 1-ft away from the excavation. The project required a system that could provide an open-span work area for two bore pits while securing the adjacent structures.

After carefully reviewing several protective systems, the contractor selected a slide rail system for the project. A slide rail system consists of modular panels and corner posts which are brought to underground depth by an excavator. Slide rail systems are designed to accommodate different types of applications while offering paramount support and an open-span work area. Additionally, the slide rail system can minimize site restoration costs and decrease the installation and removal time frame if properly installed. The contractor was extremely satisfied with the easy installation and safety provided around moving traffic while securing the existing water main.