Slide Rail System Used for Waste Water Treatment Plant Upgrade

A South Carolina contractor performed the installation of several chemical junction boxes. The project required a linear run of 16-ft with a width of 16-ft and a depth of 12-ft. The Competent Person on-site classified the soil as clay wet Type-C-80 soil.

The contractor needed to properly secure the excavation site, which was located adjacent to an existing building and an active chlorine chemical pipeline. As a result, a protective system would need to provide adequate stability in the surrounding areas. Additionally, the site called for the assistance of safety officials who would monitor the installation near the existing pipelines.

The contractor contacted NTS to review some of the protective options based upon the job site requirements the project presented. The contractor selected a four-sided slide rail system. The slide rail system is a modular protective system, typically installed by the dig and push method. Panels are threaded along the interior grooves of the slide rail posts at the top of the excavation and brought to depth ahead of the excavator’s cut. The system provided paramount support and addressed the limited space around the chlorine pipeline arriving inches from the slide rail system. The contractor was extremely satisfied with the performance and safety of the slide rail during the installation.