Static Brace & Sheeting System Secures a Fuel Tank Installation Project.

A well-known petroleum provider was expanding its service network throughout the state of Louisiana. The project site for one of these gas stations was located between a live road and the new convenience store foundation. The contractor would begin the tank installation by excavating a pit 80-ft in length, 16-ft wide and 16-ft in-depth that the contractor’s Competent Person on site had classified the soil as Type-C60. Per OSHA standards, the contractor needed a protective device that could support the unstable excavation walls and provide an open-span work area that would allow the workers to safely perform a tie-in between the fuel lines and the fuel tank. The contractor reached out to NTS to discuss potential solutions for the project. After receiving initial jobsite information from the contractor, the NTS in-house team of engineers started working on several cost-effective solutions that were presented to the contractor. After careful evaluation, the contractor selected a static brace and sheeting system designed for quick shallow tank installations and removals.

The static brace and sheeting system is composed of high-strength walers in conjunction with steel sheets that are normally used on tank removal and tank replacement projects. The system’s modular design allows for the bracing footprint to be adjusted to the projects requirements which can reduce excavation, bedding and material costs. With the protective system in place, the contractor lowered the tank to its predetermined depth. The workers then completed the tie-ins and performed the final inspections before the backfill. Once the gas station begins to operate in the area, local commuters will enjoy the convenience of having an additional fueling station in the area. The contractor was extremely satisfied with open span area and the cost-effective approach provided by the static brace and sheeting system.