Three-Sided Trench Shield Configuration Used During Pier Structure Foundation Pour

As part of an ongoing project at a large Florida airport, a contractor needed to pour pier structures to support the transit system that would move travelers from the parking garage to the terminals. This phase of the project would require two excavations, each 16-ft square and 10-ft deep in a sandy Type C-60 Soil.

The site of the piers would be adjacent to the pre-existing parking garage structure that the protective system would need to address. In addition, the contractor needed a Three-Sided Protective System to protect along one end that couldn’t be sloped while having an open end to allow for the concrete and pour from one pier shaft to the other.

The contractor called NTS to discuss the project and equipment needs. The contractor elected to use a unique, Three-Sided Trench Shield System.

The Trench Shield System utilized custom end connecting panels that were installed smooth and flush along the open end of the trench shield needing additional soil support. The end connecting panel replaces the need for Standard Steel Spreaders along that side and is pinned into place. Steel Spreaders are then used along the open end of the trench as usual. The contractor was very satisfied with this system and the ability to handle the pier pours. The system provided the appropriate protection for workers while being a cost-effective, efficient trench safety solution.


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