Contractor Uses a Custom Pipe Puller for a Unique Fiberglass Pipeline Project

A well-known national contractor was tasked with the installation of a new pipeline located on an existing reservoir in the northern part of California. The pipes were constructed out of fiberglass in sections of 20-ft long with a diameter of 84-inches. After evaluating the installation process; it was determined that a device would be needed to pull all of the pipe sections together. The device would need to apply the precise amount of pressure while distributing the weight evenly to avoid the potential of cracking or puncturing the pipes.

The contractor needed to rely on an experienced source that could assist throughout the installation process as the project would require a high degree of customization. NTS came on board and presented a customized solution for the project. It was determined that the JB Pipe Puller was the right device for the project. The JB Pipe Puller is a mechanical device that uses hydraulic power which produces horizontal force and it is commonly used on culvert and concrete pipe projects. The Pipe Puller can be set up inside or outside the structure. For this project, the puller was placed inside the fiberglass pipe. A customized extension was incorporated into the system which increased its pulling capacity from 5-ft to 20-ft. Additionally, the contractor engineered custom pads that were placed above and below the pipe puller which added additional inner grip and eliminated the possibility of damaging the fiberglass pipes. This was the first time the contractor utilized a customized JB Pipe Puller on a fiberglass pipeline. The contractor was extremely satisfied with the high level of customization provided for the project. Once the project is finalized, the reservoir will fully provide an adequate flow of water throughout the area.