Site Specific Engineered Systems

Site Specific Construction Engineering is an extension of NTS’ industry leading Trench Safety Engineering Services.  Site Specific Engineered Systems entail the customization and modification of popular trench safety equipment to meet unique, specific jobsite challenges to promote safe, productive work. Site Specific Engineered Systems are commonly employed where tabulated data does not cover the conditions, Hydraulic Excavation Braceincluding crossing utilities, poor soil conditions, the presence of adjacent structures, and a combination of tabulated shoring equipment and sloped conditions within the same shored excavation. Site Specific Engineered Systems provide an increased array of protective systems that do not have manufactures tabulated data, including pile and plate systems, sheet piling systems, specialized open cut systems, slide rail systems and large hydraulic brace systems. These systems are designed for large, complex projects and the utilization of these systems can provide significant cost savings when compared to standard trench safety equipment.

Engineers can also review existing manufactures tabulated data on a project specific basis to determine if standard tabulated data can be modified for the specific needs of a beam_and_plate_project (2)project. When an engineer constructs tabulated data it is typically done in a conservative fashion to encompass a wide variety of conditions and project types.  It is developed on a worst case basis and is stepped while site specific provides the most efficient and cost effective design within the product range, sort of like a stick shift transmission verses an automatic transmission that operates smoothly within a range. Technical data for a specific project can provide additional depth rating for trench safety equipment, increased horizontal spacing of hydraulic vertical shores and other options.

Site Specific Engineered Systems can also provide a strong image of professionalism on a project. The protective system will meet contract specific protective system requirements, while providing a clear concise plan that reflects positively upon a contractor when working alongside the owner and design side engineers.

NTS’ team of engineers can also provide engineered services for contractor owned equipment. Contractor owned equipment can be reviewed, certified, tabulated and stamped to meet the OSHA excavation standard requirements. The review process can be done whether equipment is sitting on a storage yard or if the equipment is already installed at the site, although not ideal.Sheeting and Hydraulic Brace Project

Site Specific Engineered Systems are one of the many tools that NTS engineers have to assist contractors in selecting trench safety systems that are productive, safe and cost effective.

NTS can also support your hydraulic lifting, jacking, moving and propping project needs. We have an extensive inventory of heavy jacking and pinned support equipment. In emergency situations site specific heavy lifting systems can be designed overnight and put in place the next day within hours. You have at your fingertips instant engineering and equipment mobilization as soon as we receive the phone call. On a long term planning basis we have years of proven experience in bridge and structure stabilizing and moving engineering work and rental equipment to implement the design.

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