Trench Safety Engineering

Pictures 4As underground projects continue to increase in scope, depth and complexity the benefits of a site specific trench safety engineering plan have never been more pronounced.  While OSHA requirements mandate a site specific trench safety plan stamped by a Registered Professional Engineer in some circumstances, there are also productivity benefits to exploring the use of an engineered site specific plan on many projects that fall outside the OSHA requirement.

The key to any site specific trench safety engineering plan is that the plan has to work in real world production focused field applications.  Our teams of engineers have an unparalleled depth of experience in the trench safety engineering industry across North America that spans many different project types including, sewer, water, telecommunications, foundations, vaults, lift stations, pumping stations, wine cellars, road pillar foundations, bridge foundations and repair projects to same, just to name a few.

The process for each new plan begins with a review of the contractor’s project details and the identification of risk factors that may affect the design along with any soil Picture5reports and any pre-chosen selection of a protective system.  NTS engineers then perform a comprehensive analysis of the total cost of implementing the plan, including installation and removal costs, installation and removal time and rental cost of the equipment with various protective systems.  NTS engineers will also leverage contractor-owned equipment to lower the total cost to the contractor when and where possible.  NTS engineers then present the possible various protective system options to the contractor for review and discussion to provide a stamped engineered drawing that will allow the contractor to execute the plan.  The end result of the engineering process is the creation of a detailed plan that is specific to the particular project and also safe and productive. Regardless of the fact that some shoring plans must be site specific engineered, site specific engineered plans are always more cost effective and safe because they have been developed through engineering methods. Tabulated data is developed on a conservative basis for general use by nontechnical persons.

NTS’ team of engineers is among the most experienced in the industry with the ability to Slide Rail System with Enhanced Vertical Clearanceprovide engineered trench safety plans stamped by a Registered Professional Engineer throughout North America, including the 50 United States and Canada.

Our nationwide network of branches provides a strong complement to our engineering division, as NTS has the ability to provide you the equipment to fulfill the plan backed by our promise of having the equipment on-time, every time.


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