National Trench Safety announces Employee Equity Participation Program

Houston, Texas: National Trench Safety (NTS), a leader in trench safety solutions and a Tailwind Capital owned business, announced September 10th that it is implementing an Employee Equity Participation Program.

In an industry first, NTS will award up to $8,000,000 of equity participation units to full-time and permanent employees annually. The Employee Equity Participation Program is designed to align the Company’s mission to recognize valued employees and to deliver outstanding customer service with incentivized employees. The Employee Equity Participation Program is another way that NTS rises above a fiercely competitive labor market in the industry.

One of NTS’s core values is a commitment to be “the employer of choice”. This Equity Participation Program and NTS’s overall employee reward philosophy is aligned with this commitment. NTS President and CEO Phil Mason, commented, “Employee ownership interests in specialty rental businesses are always tightly held, usually in the hands of a few executives. Now with this progressive and all-inclusive Employee Equity Participation Program every NTS employee will benefit from their hard work in building this great company. This is one more great benefit provided to our NTS employee community where we already provide full medical, dental and vision plans, paid time off, 4% 401K matching, tuition assistance, tuition repayment assistance, child care benefits, etc.,.” Mason goes on to add “better still there is no qualifying or probationary period to wait out, the participation awards are provided immediately to all new hires in accordance with the Program terms”.

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