National Trench Safety Announces New Branch Manager for Anaheim Location

Date:  October 11th, 2013

HOUSTON, T.X.—National Trench Safety, LLC (NTS), a Houston-based company specializing in the rental and sales of trench and traffic safety equipment, as well as OSHA-compliant training classes, announced today that it has hired Rick Chavez to manage the company’s Anaheim, CA branch location.

“We are excited to be adding such a talented individual as Rick Chavez to our team in Anaheim, California,” explained Ron Chilton, President of NTS.  “We believe that Rick’s experience and talent will help to expand our customer reach, as well as introduce additional product lines to our existing customers.”

Chilton went on to say “Rick is a seasoned traffic safety professional, having spent the past 30+ years working for Modern Alloys, a large regional guardrail contractor in Southern California.  During that time, Rick worked on some of the largest guardrail projects in the state of California and cultivated many long-term relationships. Rick has a tremendous amount of expertise and knowledge in and about the market for traffic safety market place and we are anxious to have him on the NTS team”.

“The Anaheim market is a unique location for NTS”, commented Chilton.  “We entered the market at the request of some of our key customers and a key supplier to establish a traffic safety presence in Southern California and we focus exclusively on traffic safety in this market.  Since opening in December 2012, the Anaheim branch has performed extremely well under the guidance of Tom Hartman, a Vice President and Western District Manager for NTS.  Tom and the Anaheim team have done a great job establishing NTS in the market and the branch has exceeded our expectations since it was opened. With Rick taking over the day to day management of the branch, we are excited about the chance to continue to expand our customer base and market share in Southern, CA area.”

NTS currently has twenty one operating branch location nationwide.  Those locations are spread throughout Arizona, California, Florida Illinois, Louisiana, Nevada, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas and Utah.

In maintaining its objective of building a nationwide network of trench and traffic safety branches, NTS plans to open additional branch operations in 2014.  For strategic reasons, Chilton declined to comment on the location of the additional new branches. For more information about NTS, visit the National Trench Safety website at

 About National Trench Safety:

National Trench Safety is dedicated to providing the construction industry with the most complete line of trench and traffic safety equipment, as well as cutting edge engineered solutions and OSHA-compliant training classes.  With a proven track record of success, National Trench Safety expertly provides unique solutions to the most difficult and complex project needs. National Trench Safety is committed to providing customers with the highest quality products, most diverse and broad product/fleet offerings and the most comprehensive customer training in the industry.  National Trench Safety—“The Trench and Traffic Safety Specialists”.


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