National Trench Safety Engineering Manager, Casey Giles, Elected President of the Austin, Texas Contractors and Engineers Association

HOUSTON, T.X.- National Trench Safety, LLC (NTS), a Houston-based company specializing in the rental and sales of trench and traffic safety equipment, as well as OSHA-compliant training classes, announced today that its Engineering Manager, Casey Giles, has been elected President of the Austin, Texas Contractors and Engineers Association. Mr. Giles had previously served as the organization’s Vice President and will continue to serve as the Chairman of the Regulatory Committee and on the Board of Directors. NTS offers a variety of engineering services, including OSHA compliant site specific plans for excavations and trenches and traffic safety plans, throughout the entire United States.

“The election as president of an organization is an outstanding accomplishment,” said Wes Jones, Senior Vice President of NTS. Mr. Jones added “Casey has been a valuable member of the NTS team and assists contractors on a daily basis with the design of trench and traffic safety plans. The election speaks volumes about Casey’s leadership as well as his commitment to the industry. We are very proud of Casey and glad that he is part of the NTS team.”

NTS has 14 operating locations including locations in California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Texas and Louisiana. In maintaining the objective of building a nationwide network of trench and traffic safety branches, NTS plans to open at least two additional new branch operations in 2012 with additional branches planned to follow in 2013. For more information about NTS, visit the National Trench Safety website at

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