National Trench Safety (NTS) Announces First Cash Dividend Payout

Houston, Texas- December 10, 2021- National Trench Safety (NTS), a leader in trench safety solutions, and a Tailwind Capital owned business, announced December 3rd that qualifying employees will receive their first cash dividend payout under the new Employee Equity Participation Program (EEPP).

In an industry first, NTS declared in September that up to $8,000,000 of equity participation units would be awarded to full-time and permanent employees annually. With integration efforts on track and strong company performance in the second half of 2021, all eligible EEPP participation unitholders will be awarded a discretionary cash payment “dividend” valued at 16% of their initial participation unit grant on December 10, 2021. The award value, minus applicable taxes, will be based on the number of Participation Units granted in September 2021.

NTS CEO Phil Mason commented, “The strong performance of NTS throughout 2021 across multiple measures was driven by our employees. It’s only fitting that our employee stakeholders receive financial recognition for their efforts tied to their equity participation in the business, over and above our industry-leading bonus compensation structure. The power of the NTS Equity Participation Program, where all employees have an ownership interest in the business, is that it aligns employee and company objectives around customer service and growth. We all win together; customers, employees and NTS”.

The Employee Ownership Program is designed to align the Company’s mission to recognize valued employees and to deliver outstanding customer service with incentivized employees. The Employee Stock Ownership Program is another way that NTS rises above a fiercely competitive labor market in the industry.

About National Trench Safety
Based in Houston, Texas, NTS is a leading independent national provider of trench safety and traffic control solutions with a broad portfolio of road plates, trench boxes, hydraulic shoring, slide rails, manholes, beams, guide frames and sheeting. NTS serves approximately 8,000 customers from coast to coast, through a network of 70+ branch locations across the United States and 2 UK-based branches.