NUCA Promoting Sixth Annual Stand Down for Trench Safety

The National Utility Contractors Association (NUCA) is promoting a National Trench and Excavation Stand Down to raise awareness of the dangers in excavation work to prevent injuries and death related to these hazards. As proud partners of the NUCA, NTS is participating in this outreach program to support the industry and our customer’s emphasis on promoting safe working environments for their employees.  We’ve provided details on the program below and what you can do to participate:

What is a safety stand down? A safety stand down is an organized, voluntary event for employers to talk with employees and stakeholders regarding safety.  For this particular event, the focus will be on trench and excavation hazards and reinforcing the importance of identifying and preventing those hazards.

What are the goals for the stand down? The ultimate goal of NUCA, and that of all individual participants, will be to reduce the number of fatalities and serious injuries that occur each year in our industry.  Our customers already have a keen focus on safety, and the stand down is designed to provide a time that every stakeholder in the trench and excavation process takes a moment to remember the hazards associated with excavation work, in addition to the education and training efforts companies promote year-round.

Is there any recognition for signing up? NUCA will be sending certificates of participation to all companies that participate in the stand down, recognizing those company’s continued commitment to promoting safe excavation work.  In addition, NUCA will be publishing a national list of those firms that participate in this stand down.

When will the stand down be? NUCA has set the official dates for the stand down as June 14th through June 18th.

Where will the stand down be? The stand down may be held anywhere, such as a jobsite, an office, or any other location conducive to holding a meeting to review trench safety work, the inherent risks, and safety precautions.

What do I need to do? If you would like to participate, you would need to communicate the stand down throughout your company and provide direction on what you would like your crews to cover during this session.

What do I need to cover? The subject matter for the stand down is completely up to the individual company, but the goal is to focus on the hazards associated with excavation work.  To facilitate the training sessions, NTS’s training department has developed a suggested outline for the session that may be used as a starting point for discussions. You may download that suggested outline by clicking HERE.

Additional Questions If we missed something or you have additional questions, please contact your nearest NTS branch location for additional details.  You can see a current NTS branch listing by visiting our website at